Monthly Archives: December 2020

The Writer’s Guide to Horse’s Paces, Speed & Range

I have unfortunately seen a lot of misinformation on how far and fast a horse can go. In some books and movies, horses can gallop all day with a break. In others, they can barely make it a mile without collapsing. We are going to be looking to real-world averages and records to make your […]

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The Writer’s Guide to Types of Medieval Horses

People during the Middle Ages thought of horses differently than we do. Today horses are defined mainly by their breed, which indicates the common size, conformation, and types of work or sport they are best suited to. For example, if I am told a horse is a Thoroughbred, I expect it to be tall, leggy, […]

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The Writer’s Guide to Horse Basics

Humans and horses have a long history together so it’s no wonder we include them so much in our stories. Even Brandon Sanderson put them in the Stormlight Archive when he included no other real world animals. Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation about them. I am going to be starting with the basics today. […]

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