Rebecca Shedd fell in love with stories at an early age and became addicted to writing when she realized she could create her own. She still has short stories and poetry she wrote in elementary school (that will never see the light of day). Her first work was published in 1997 in her high school’s poetry anthology. She went on to publish several poems and a short story in her university’s publication, where she was also the editor for three years. She started working on her debut novel in college, beginning to write in 2006. She has worked in the horse industry as well as in manufacturing as a production planner and buyer, all while dreaming of writing books for a living.

For fun she participates in living history reenactments and is involved in multiple time periods including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the American Revolution, the American Civil War, the Victorian era, and the Irish War of Independence. She loves presenting people from history and their stories and it gives her an excuse to sew and wear historical clothing. She has been known to be more at home in an 1880’s bustle dress than modern clothes. Thanks to reenacting, she has become involved in archery and medieval weaponry. She also has a black belt in bujinkan ninjutsu.

She lives in Southern California in a 114-year-old house with her husband, two ginger tabby cats named Fred and George Wesley and a pond full of hungry fish.

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