Important Announcement

Dear Readers,

I have made the difficult decision to put my blog and newsletter on hold for the foreseeable future. However, I will still be putting out my writing prompts every other Friday.

I came to this choice after a lot of struggle and trepidation. I am so grateful for you. I read all your comments and am encouraged by your interest and gratitude. I don’t want to walk away from that, but I desperately need a break. I feel it’s only fair to tell you why.

I write the blog in the evenings after work. I don’t have other writers or researchers to help me. I put it out completely on my own in my spare time.

I have a fulltime job in supply chain for a manufacturer. As I’m sure you’ve heard, supply chain is very difficult right now. My job has become increasingly demanding. On top of that, I recently lost both of my in-laws within six weeks of each other. There is now a lot that my husband and I need to do to settle the estate. Lastly, I have lingering fatigue from my battle with cancer three years ago. I have a limited amount of energy and can only do so much before I’m exhausted.

Then there is my book. I care deeply about it, and it is one of my biggest priorities. Due to everything going on, I have caught myself sacrificing time I would normally spend on the book to keep up with the blog. As much as I love the blog, the book is more important to me.

I am putting the blog and newsletter on hold to prioritize my book and my wellbeing and to take care of these personal matters. My plan is to resume putting out the blog and newsletter once the book is edited and I have started pitching with literary agents. I hope you will understand and will continue checking back.

May you always find the best words,

Rebecca Shedd