Monthly Archives: September 2022

The Writer’s Guide to Types of Metals

The metal used in the forging process is just as important as the item being made. Poor quality will cause bent blades or dull tools. Today, I will explore the most common metals found on our planet and some of their history. This is not an exhaustive list and does not mean you cannot make […]

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Writer’s Deep Dive: Metalworkers

When most people think of metalworkers, the image that commonly comes to their mind is a medieval blacksmith hammering at his anvil. However, there are other types of metalworkers, most of whom were skilled in a specialized craft. I will focus in this article on metal crafts from before the Industrial Revolution. Unfortunately, that means […]

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The Writer’s Guide to the History of Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing has a long history. Only stone working is older. The craft was refined and advanced by trial and error and through interactions between cultures. The weapons and tools produced by these early smiths forged cities and countries. As always, magic is the exception to the rule. Because magic. The Copper Age Between the Stone […]

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